Posted on April 20, 2013


I’m a copywriter and former doctor. My day job involves lots of healthcare work, most of which can’t be shown in the public domain. So what you see here is a collection of ads I’ve done for One Minute Briefs and The Chip Shop Awards. They are not ‘live’ ads, so those that feature brand names haven’t been endorsed by the brands in question. Or not that I know of, anyway.

Anyone who has seen the laughably poor production values of my One Minute Briefs efforts on Twitter will realise that these are not the original versions. For this I mostly have to thank Melissa Walsh, a very talented designer and friend, who has brought some panache to my decidedly dodgy sketches.

My Twitter account is @Dr_Draper so please feel free to connect with me. And of course I strongly recommend that you follow @OneMinuteBriefs for a daily dose of creative inspiration. Doctor’s orders.


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